A little about Reed Furniture

We have been proudly serving Walworth County since1865 with quality furniture at an honest price.

We would like to believe that having been in business since 1865 there is something, other than good fortune, that has made our success possible. Styles have changed and we’ve changed with them. Adapting to new fashions and meeting the changing needs of our customers has been vital to our longevity.

Still, a sense of fashion and the ability to change isn’t our greatest asset. It’s one of the things that hasn’t changed since our founding that has always set us apart from our competition – our goal – Quality Furniture at an Honest Price. It’s a pretty basic combination that you’d hope would be common sense. It is for us and we would like to share it with you.

Quality: We don’t manufacturer furniture but, like you, we’re offered hundreds of brands when choosing what to put on our showroom floor. The ones that we do carry have been found, by us, to be of the highest quality and service for their price range.

An Honest Price: Our prices are fair from the beginning.  Our employees don’t work on commission and we don’t subscribe to the ‘gimmick sale’ trend that seems to run through the furniture industry. When we have a sale it is an ACTUAL sale with reduced prices on already competitively priced items.

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