ZRV1462The average American household has three televisions and just as many entertainment centers.  It’s no wonder that entertainment centers are one of the more common items we sell.  When people get a new television they tend to upgrade their entertainment center as well.

The great thing about new televisions is that they’re no longer big, bulky monsters that need to be hidden.    Even the least expensive television is relatively sleek and good looking.  Also, cords are less and less of an issue with a single HDMI cable connecting most components. That means that hiding the TV isn’t an issue.

So, what should you look for in an entertainment center?


Before you go shopping, consider what you have in your current entertainment center.  Will you be using the same components (dvd player, cable box)? And if so, what size are they? Do you want to store your DVDs inside?  Do you have a sound bar?  We sell units that take all of these things into consideration, but it is helpful to have a rough idea of what you want your entertainment center to accomplish before you start shopping.


Most people choose entertainment centers that are roughly 4-6 inches wider than their television.  That size makes the furniture look fitted to the television and gives a nice solid platform to support it.  As far as height is concerned, you will find that as entertainment centers get wider they tend to be shorter.  The reverse is also true; a more narrow entertainment center will be taller.  The reason for this is that the ideal height for an entertainment center is a height that puts the center of the television screen at eye-level when you’re sitting down.

Not sure what height you need?  Consider this tip from thinkpv.com

Sit where you’d sit to watch your TV. Get comfortable. Then, measure the height from the ground to your eyes. Take that length and stick a piece of tape on the wall at that same height. That’s going to be the sweet spot, the ideal place for the middle of your screen (feel free to sit back and double-check that the spot seems natural to you for viewing).

Once you have that height, the rest is easy.  Take the height of the tape you put on the wall and subtract half of your television’s height.  That will give you the approximate height of the cabinet you should be looking for.  Height of Tape – TV height / 2 = Cabinet Height.  Remember, this is an approximation.  A few inches difference shouldn’t be a huge concern.


We don’t carry entertainment centers that will fall apart or that will not be sturdy enough to hold your TV.  That being said, there is still a range of quality to choose from in our store.  Looking through our showroom you will find everything from imported entertainment centers that start around $399 to Amish made solid wood cabinets.  Many of our cabinets can be ordered in a variety of sizes, different wood species (oak, maple, etc.) and have a large selection of stains to choose from.

The quality you choose really depends on your budget and how much value you place on having a nice piece of furniture in your home.  Rest assured, regardless of your budget we keep in stock a variety of styles in a wide range for prices that will give you the best value for your hard earned dollar.

Below is a small sample of the entertainment centers we currently have in stock.  To see all we can order, click here.

Fireside 84250 Hickory media stand

Fireside 84250 Hickory media stand

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Country Value 117 Entertainment Center

Country Value 117 Entertainment Center

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