Radiance Plush


The plush, middle softness version of our ‘hand-tufted’ mattresses in the Radiance line of beds the Radiance Plush has two layers of nano coils alternating between quality foam layers.

The claim to fame for the Radiance beds are the layers of nano-coils that are held together by a unique process called ‘hand tufting’. This type of construction involves a labor intensive process of sewing each layer together again and again to compress the ‘nano coils’ and foam layers as they are applied.

Nano coils sound fancy, but they are essentially small coils that take the place of foam. They have all the softness of foam but with more durability. By compressing them you are able to make a soft, yet supportive bed.

When you lay on the Radiance Plush you first notice the tufted, top upholstery layer. The tufting makes the top soft and easy for your body to compress. But as you lay down there is no doubt in your mind that this bed is supportive and built to last. The shear number of individual coils allow each part of your body to rest at the level that provides maximum comfort while still providing a gentle support.

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