Wellner Plush

The Wellner line of mattresses have a traditional pocketed coil base layer with a nano coil and memory foam layer on top. The nano coils combined with the memory foam provide a durable and responsive top layer while the pocketed coils below offer postural support.

Nano coils may sound fancy but they are really just small pocketed coils that provide all of the comfort of foam with the durability of steel.

When you lay on this mattress you notice the cleanly upholstered top that does not have a welt along the edge. You lay more on top of this bed than in it. While there is some memory foam in the top layer it has the feel of a traditional mattress with a high density foam on the surface. The real claim to fame here is that more durable nano coils are used on the surface instead of the usual foam top.

Box Spring120140160300
Set Price769105911091549

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