Elysian Plush

The Elysian is a wire tired mattress that falls right in the middle of the comfort scale. A wire tired unit is named for the wire that runs between all the coils and supports them. This is opposed to a pocketed coil construction where each coil stands individually.

The result is that a wire tied construction has more of a bounce and side to side movement. For that reason we suggest this bed for people who want a very traditional feeling mattress and a single user. If more than one person is using the bed there are mattresses that are very similar in price that are pocketed coils and will serve you better.

That said, this is a great value compared to similar beds from other companies. It features a foam encased edge that adds durability, a five year warranty and the springs are made locally in Sheboygan.

Box Spring120140160300
Set Price369509559899

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