Diamond Plush

Our Diamond line of mattresses feature an 8″ pocketed coil and a gel poly foam in the quilt layer. The gel poly foam pulls heat away from your body and into the less dense areas of the bed so that you don’t get too hot at night, and the pocketed coils contour to support each part of your body.

Another thing that makes the Diamond mattresses a great value is the edge construction is a denser version of the same pocketed coil that makes up the entire bed. This means the sleep surface feels flatter and motion transfer is even less than a foam encased edge construction.

When you lay on this mattress you’ll notice the edge has a nice spring to it and the gel poly quilt layer gives a good soft tissue pressure relief, but the overall feel is of a very traditional, good quality firm/plush mattress. If you’re looking for a pocketed coil mattress at a great price, then look no further.

Box Spring120140160300
Set Price5396897591099

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