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Stop in this month for a great deal on our made in WI bedding.

Mattress shopping can be confusing, which is why we are proud to offer 17 different mattresses that are built right here in Wisconsin.  We offer a no nonsense, no gimmicks approach to all of our products, but this is especially important when it comes to mattresses.  Our non-commission sales staff are happy to explain the specific differences between each mattress and to help you find the one that has the features that are important to you.

This line of bedding reflects our mission as a store, which is to provide a quality product at an affordable price.  By working with a local manufacturer we have more control over the product, better delivery times, lower overhead cost and a direct say in how your mattress is made.  You, more than likely, have not heard of Comfort Sleep Products.  That’s because they don’t spend money to advertise nationally, or even locally; but they are quietly the number one factory direct supplier of bedding in Wisconsin.

What does ‘Factory Direct’ mean for you?

Not just American made, our Factory Direct mattresses are built right in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  They source a lot of the materials from the area too, including springs made in Sheboygan and memory foam manufactured in Madison.  Comfort Sleep Products Factory Direct mattresses are built to high standards so that we can give you a great night’s sleep for a lot less money.  They have no brand marketing costs, no middle management and no corporate overhead, allowing us to pass factory-direct savings and quality on to you.

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